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Our company grew exponentially over the past 20 years, establishing itself as a leading and only company in South Africa that has the capability to permanently remove halogenated organic waste, an environmentally-friendly alternative to the conventional methods of encapsulation or exportation abroad.

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Supply of Waste Packaging

Supply of Waste Packaging

A-Thermal offers a wide range of sustainable waste packaging solutions to businesses seeking environmentally friendly options.

Our packaging is designed to minimize waste generation, maximize recyclability, and promote a circular economy.

With a focus on both functionality and sustainability, we provide businesses with high-quality packaging solutions that meet their unique needs while reducing their environmental impact.

We stock various forms of waste packaging used to store chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical waste.

Supply of Waste Packaging

We understand that different industries and products have varying packaging requirements. A-Thermal works closely with clients to develop customised packaging options that align with their specific needs.

Our expert team considers factors such as product characteristics, transportation logistics, and environmental considerations to create tailored solutions

The packaging we supply includes the following:

  • Our disposable containers are tamper-proof and made of durable plastic to reduce the risk of injuries and infection. These include:
    • Chemical waste drums (210 litres)
    • Chemical waste containers (20 – 25 litres)
    • Pharmaceutical waste container (20 litres)
    • Cytotoxic waste container (20 litres)

We also offer the following waste packaging solutions:

  • Sharps medical waste containers: Our sharps and needle disposal containers are made to prevent cross-contamination, leakage, and/or handler infections.
  • Infectious medical waste boxes and reusable containers: Our reusable containers are SANS-approved, suitable for various uses, space-saving, and easy to move.
  • Liners
  • Cable ties
  • Wheelie bins
  • General waste skips
  • Shrink wrap
  • Classification labels

Compliance with packaging regulations is a critical aspect of waste packaging supply. A-Thermal stays updated with local, regional, and international packaging regulations to ensure that our solutions meet all necessary requirements.

Contact A-Thermal Retort Technologies For Details

Contact A-Thermal today to discuss your waste packaging needs and discover how our sustainable packaging solutions can help you reduce waste, enhance your brand reputation, and contribute to a greener future.

Our team is focused on the safe and efficient waste management

A-Thermal Retort Technologies offers a range of specialised industrial services which have been designed to provide you with a sustainable solution for correctly managing and transporting hazardous waste safely, legally, environmentally responsibly and cost-effectively in South Africa. We aim to continuously improve the standard of Hazardous Waste Transport in South Africa.

Our Health & Safety Certification

Below is a listing of our certifications

  • Waste Management License
  • Atmospheric Emission License
  • A-Thermal Storage Registration
  • GPF-00-011
  • GPT-04-218
  • GPG-10-266
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • ISO 45001 Certification

To request a copy, get in touch with our team.