A-Thermal is the environmental leader in waste treatment and management.
One of our latest projects is the use of carbon residue, the end product of our thermal desorption process, as a sustainable and cost effective alternative fuel to coal. A-Thermal’s renewable fuel is continuously monitored, tested and then reclassified as completely non- hazardous by an independent ISO 17025 accredited lab. During the third quarter of last year we had been researching this alternative fuel.
We are now supplying two large reputable of takers with this fuel and diverting it from landfill. By taking hazardous waste and making it into a resource, A-Thermal has closed the loop in the circular economy of your waste streams. To our knowledge this could be a world first in terms of taking highly hazardous material, removing its hazardous components, and making a consistent fuel that can be used in industry.
A-Thermal is redefining the hazardous waste industry and creating energy from waste. The benefits of this are far reaching in terms of GHG reduction and wavering of disposal taxes.