On-Site Waste Management

We offer on-site waste management services to clients. Our company is able to segregate waste streams for removal and recycling purposes.
Hazardous waste will also be assessed and classified according to Waste Classification and Management Regulations, SANS 10228, SANS 10231 and SANS 10234 requirements. The waste will then be stored in appropriate packaging prior to transport and removal.

Some of our services include:

  • A Site Assessment and Survey
  • On Site Segregation of Waste
  • Sampling and Classification of Hazardous Waste
  • Packaging of Waste
  • Pallet Wrapping Services
A-Thermal - On-Site Waste Management

A-Thermal’s mission is to enable our clients to remove their hazardous and toxic waste in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. We achieve this by fostering strong and lasting stakeholder relationships and adding value to our clients’ businesses:

  • We build partnerships with our client’s identity and pursue real business opportunities that solve business challenges.
  • We develop and involve a loyal, reliable, innovative and cost-competitive partner base.
  • We implement and continually upgrade the best processes, systems and tools available.
  • We design, align and build an organisation of highly skilled, technically minded and business-orientated professionals.


A-Thermal have qualified training facilitators and a team of experienced engineers that can train clients on legislative requirements and the importance of waste segregation. We will come to your site and provide training if required. A-Thermal offers waste management training

A-Thermal’s Chemical Waste Division specializes in the permanent destruction of highly hazardous chemical waste. Our technology is in line with Best Demonstrated Available Technology for the treatment of PCB waste, the plant is capable of achieving a 99.9999% destruction removal efficiency of the hazardous waste being treated.

Together with our team’s extensive handling and treatment experience, A-Thermal is able to accept almost all forms of chemical waste streams. Some of the accepted waste streams are as follows:

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