Corporate Social Responsibility

A-Thermal Retort Technologies has a solid reputation for contributing toward nation building, stretching as far back as the establishment of its production facility in Olifantsfontein, 20 years ago.

We recognise our obligation and responsibly towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates and aims to make a meaningful contribution by investing in the development, education, conservation and upliftment of these communities. We are committed to building a sustainable organisation by embracing the philosophy of giving back to the local community.

A-Thermal Retort Technologies prides itself in its social responsibility initiatives towards community Social, Educational, and Development Projects and supports numerous Charity Organisations. A-Thermal Retort Technologies considers it a privilege to be able to give back.


A-Thermal Winter Games

A-Thermal Winter Games is an annual one day sport extravaganza hosted in conjunction with Olifantsfontein Primary School. A-Thermal Retort Technologies is the Main Sponsor of A-Thermal Winter Games.

The goal is to raise much-needed resources for buying sports equipment for Olifantsfontein Primary School, uplift and educate the surrounding communities and to make communities stronger by bringing people together for a common goal. A-Thermal Retort Technologies assists in conducting educational environmental talks to surrounding schools where they concentrated on the importance of our environment. Pupils are given educational talks about environment, waste management and pollution.

We service to educate children in the communities about their surrounding land and environment and the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle commonly known as the 3 R’s.


Winnie United FC

A-Thermal Retort Technologies supports Winnie United Football Club, a soccer team from surrounding community. We assist them in getting the necessary sports equipment needed in their day to day running of the team. 


A-Thermal Retort Technologies recognises the importance of the environment and as part of our company’s commitment to this, A-Thermal Retort Technologies has been ISO 14001 certified since 2009. This ensures that all activities, products, services and their impact on the environment is documented in an Environment Management System and communicated throughout the organization. The ISO14001 program involves not only measuring the results of our physical activities on the environment but more importantly creates awareness amongst all staff ensuring a culture that has the environment as its core.

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