Commitment to the environment

Find a trusted waste management partner for your business in A-Thermal…

Managing the multiple challenges of hazardous waste to satisfy safety, environmental and regulatory directives requires an experienced partner with a proven record in all areas. From on-site pick-up to final treatment or disposal, we assure safety, environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance.


A-Thermal Retort Technologies prides itself in being a leading waste management company in South Africa.  We take our responsibility in providing quality, reliable services to our industrial and commercial customers from multinational industries such as petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies seriously.

As a hazardous waste treatment facility, caring for the environment is a key priority in all our operations.
We ensure minimal impact on the environment and emergency preparedness.

Responsible Enviromental Managment

  • Control of waste entering our site.
  • Correct storage of waste according to chemical compatibility and hazard nature.
  • An electronic waste-tracking system for easy reference and up-to-date stock control.
  • A zero-liquid discharge to the municipal wastewater system, including on-site water.
  • Treatment and recycling.
  • Control interlocks on equipment for correct operating conditions.
  • Residue analysis and reclassification.
  • A continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) that operates 24/7 when monitoring our emissions.
  • Emergency response procedures, including drills.
  • Monitoring committee meetings.
  • External audits of the Environmental Management Plan.
  • The submission of a Quarterly Emission Report to the regulating authority.