Medical Waste Treatment

Medical Waste is treated by our affiliated company, Cecor Allied Technologies (PTY) LTD.  Cecor has been operating since 2013 utilizing a unique autoclave technology to sterilize medical waste.  Our facility is the first commercial autoclave plant to be operational in Gauteng.

Our services include:

  • Treatment of Infectious and Sharps Waste: Including gauzes, bandages, dressings, nappy waste, sharps etc.
    Disposal of confidential paper, old hospital beds and linen.
  • Supply of medical waste packaging. Our Packaging is manufactured in accordance with SANS requirements and has also been approved and tested by the South African Bureau Standards.
  • Utilization of bin tracking system to ensure traceability of disposal records.  All clients will have their disposal certificates emailed to them.
  • Disinfection services of re-usable containers and truck bodies.


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