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What is Pyrolysis Technology?

Our unique Thermal Desorption Plant utilizes pyrolysis technology that is capable of achieving a 99.9999 % (six 9’s) destruction of all hazardous waste. Pyrolysis (also known as ‘retorting’) is the thermal treatment of a material without oxygen. At high temperature, organics and water are vapourised, leaving a carbon rich residue.

What happens to our Carbon Residue

Is tested by a ISO certified laboratory to ensure it is not hazardous in nature. It is then re-used as a low grade coal or AFR

What by-product is produced once the waste has been thermally treated?

We produce a carbonized residue by-product from the variable forms of hazardous waste that is processed at A-Thermal. This is no longer a waste and is now classified as an AFR The solid residue consists of carbon, inert, decontaminated materialfrom the kiln that is collected, stored and tested for the presence of organics, inorganics and heavy metals. The carbonized residue has similar properties to coal.

What do you do with the carbonized residue?

Our Zero to Landfill Waste Management Solution – Our company is also nearing the completion of an exciting project that will see us produce a carbonized residue by-product from the variable forms of hazardous waste that is processed at A-Thermal.  The carbonized residue has similar properties to coal and can be used as an alternative form of fuel, essentially making A-Thermal a Zero-Landfill Treatment Facility.

What happens to the emissions?

Atmospheric Emissions License – issued by Ekurhuleni.
The gas discharged to atmosphere is continually monitored using a combination of analysers are: dust (particulates) CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, HCl, HF, VOCs, benzene and mercury. This is in accordance with permit requirements. Are stack is monitored 24/7 by our online emissions monitoring system

What Legal Framework and Accreditation does A-Thermal have?

A-Thermal Retort Technologies operates under the following licenses:

  • Waste Management License (Reference: 12/9/11/L170/R1) – Department of Environmental Affairs;
  • Atmospheric Emission License –  Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (Environmental Resource Management Air Quality and Climate Change;
  • Gauteng Waste Information System (GWIS Registration Certificate GPF-00-011) – Gauteng Provincial Government.
  • Hazardous waste transport
  • Storage of hazardous waste

What affiliations does A-Thermal have ?

  • Institute of Waste Management South Africa (IWMSA);
  • Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA);
  • Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Africa (NICOLA);
  • National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA);
  • Small Enterprise Employers of South Africa (SEESA).
  • African Medical Waste Association

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