• South Africa one of the worst environmental polluters, research shows

    A  recent international study has shown that South Africa – in terms of its environmental impacts – has one of the worst track records. The recently released report from MoneySuperMarket, a price comparison website in the UK, found most other African countries fared well. “The new research highlights the individual contribution to the world’s climate […]

  • Is technology the answer to waste and pollution challenges?

    ‘Next generation’ technologies present new, advanced ways to tackle waste and pollution challenges, experts say. Speaking ahead of the upcoming Pollution and Waste Technology Africa conference, experts say that 4thIndustrial Revolution technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) can significantly improve monitoring and control of pollution and waste. IBM scientist Tapiwa Chiwewe leads research on […]

  • 6th Conference on Industrial Fluidization, SA -2017 – Utilization of Indigenous Resources

    6th Conference on Industrial Fluidization, South Africa 2017 Theme – Utilization of Indigenous Resources Short Course Information Now Available The Fluidization Short Course will be held on Tuesday 3 October 2017 and will include an introduction to fluidization, including fundamentals, and modelling fluidized bed reactors. More details on the Short Course can be found here. Register for […]

  • Does Africa know enough about oceans and pollution?

    The issue of marine litter is not receiving enough attention in Africa, Juliette Biao, director of the United Nations Environmental Programme (Unep), told delegates at the World Economic Forum which was recently held in Durban. Annually, eight million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into oceans around the world every year, however ocean waste is […]

  • Mashaba Outlines Plan to Deal with Joburg Waste

    1.6 million tonnes of waste are deposited into landfill sites every year, leaving the City of Johannesburg looking for a viable waste management solution as the sites continue to overflow. “Unfortunately we have reached a point where our landfill sites are running out of airspace, and for this reason responsible waste management is crucial,” Joburg […]

  • SA on its way up the waste management hierarchy

    South Africa is beginning to experience a progression in waste management and starting to explore innovative technologies in dealing with waste in a responsible manner, says Jan Palm, president of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA). Palm says the institute is supportive of this progression as it will inevitably push South Africa […]

  • Biofuel discovery, producing a biofuel from old rubber tyres

    A green start-up technology company has surprised scientists by producing a biofuel from old rubber tyres that can run turbo-charged diesel engines while reducing emissions by 30 per cent. Australian – Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) can produce 3,000 litres of bio-oil from one giant seven-tonne mining truck tyre. Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) can produce 3,000 litres of […]

  • On-site Waste Management / Waste Clear-out Services

    Did you know that A-Thermal has a team available for on-site waste collection and removal? We offer a continuous waste removal service or even ‘once off’ clear-outs for companies that have accumulated hazardous products that they cannot dispose. We will develop a customised on-site waste management plan to meet your specific needs. A-Thermal will assess […]

  • Zero to Landfill Solutions

    A-Thermal is the environmental leader in waste treatment and management. One of our latest projects is the use of carbon residue, the end product of our thermal desorption process, as a sustainable and cost effective alternative fuel to coal. A-Thermal’s renewable fuel is continuously monitored, tested and then reclassified as completely non- hazardous by an […]

  • Scientist one of SA’s greats – Man of the people who went the extra mile

    HEART OF GOLD: Waste disposal expert Christos Eleftheriades will be sorely missed by communities and organisations he supported during his fruitful life. The South African and international academic and business communities have lost an irreplaceable giant in Christos Eleftheriades. Dr Christos, as Eleftheriades was affectionately called, funded the ANC election campaigns in the Ekurhuleni and Tshwane […]

  • Industry Events an Workshops – Waste Khoro

    Waste Khoro held on the 31st of May 2016   Our Process Development Manager presented on best practices regarding mercury waste treatment. Industry workshop, held on 11th August 2016 Head of operations at A-Thermal, presented on the company’s technologies, and its vast capabilities in hazardous waste treatment. Another of our engineers also presented on the chemical […]

  • Recommissioning and upgrade of heavy metal recovery and treatment plant

    A-Thermal is pleased to inform our clients that we are NOW accepting fluorescent tubes as well as compact fluorescent lighting (CFL’s) for treatment.  Our unique process involves the use of thermal desorption technology to treat and even recover the trace mercury that is present in compact fluorescent bulbs and tubes.  Our heavy metal configuration plant […]